How it Works

BIR Excel Uploader is the easiest way to upload data in BIR Relief and Alphalist Data Entry System. This tool acts as a bridge between Microsoft Excel and BIR Relief or Alphalist Data Entry.

BIR Excel Uploader will share resources with the BIR Relief or Alphalist Data Entry System, accessing their database directly to insert data using import or uploading of Excel file.

BIR Relief or Alphalist Data Entry System and BIR Excel Uploaded should not be running at the same time. BIR System will throw an error and the only way to exit is through ending the task by pressing CTRL-ALT-DEL.

This tool was designed to fully preserve your data. In any case you opted not to use the BIR Excel Uploader anymore, all data that you uploaded still remains in BIR Relief or Alphalist Data Entry System database and you can continue working with it without loosing your uploaded data.

BIR Excel Uploader acts as a bridge to avoid lengthy manual encoding.  Generate DAT File then validate using BIR Validation System. This process will ensure full compatibility with the BIR System.

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