How to Convert Excel to Relief Purchases

This tutorial assumes that the user has prior knowledge of using BIR RELIEF DATA Entry Application. If you have'nt heard that application before, is not for you yet. Nothing beats knowing the real thing, please head on to and learn it first.

Prepare the Excel Template

  1. Click the excel icon to choose the excel template to be used.

    Excel Template

  2. Click RELIEF Purchases to download the template. Downloaded files were usually saved at your downloads folder, or depends on your browser settings.

    Template Relief Purchases

  3. Open the file and take time to analyze the template. Row1 is fixed, do not edit or format Row1. DO NOT work directly in the template, always use a working file then paste your data to Row2 onwards, leaving Row1 untouched.

    Vendor_TIN - required, 9-digit numbers only, 000000000 is not acceptable. Please download the bonus file to know more about formatting TINs.
    companyName - required for non-individual, no special characters allowed.
    lastName, firstName, middleName - required for individual, no special characters allowed.
    address1, addres2 - optional
    number data - all required, dont leave it blank, put zero instead. Always round you numbers to two decimal places to avoid diffirence on the total.

    excel template

  4. Again, DO NOT edit Row1 and DO NOT work directly in the template. Common mistake on working directly in the template is selecting the whole column then clicking the comma ( , ) number format. In effect, Row1 was edited, resulting the whole column to errors. To resolve this error, download a new template.

    excel template error

Set BIR Header File (Owner's Info)

  1. Click "EDIT COMPANY NAME HERE" to set BIR Header Information. This is important because all DAT File will include this information

    bir header info
  2. All fields are required, DO NOT put dummy data, this will be part of your DAT File.

    bir header detail

  3. Click Save BIR Header File. You can save as many TINs as you want, all data and details will auto switch based on the TIN that you will use.

    save bir header file

Generate DAT File

  1. Once done on the template preparation and BIR Header Information, its time to convert your excel file template to BIR DAT File. All fields are required, accepts "xls" file only. Reporting Period is always end of the month.

    generate bir dat file

  2. Choose the reporting type that you want to generate. Every reporting type has its own corresponding excel template. Please ensure that you are using the matching excel file template with the correct reporting type. On this example, RELIEF Purchases matches Purchases Template.

    bir reporting type

  3. Click "Generate BIR DAT File". Keep attention on the error prompts, if any. Take time to understand what it is trying to say then adjust/revise accordingly. Sample error below shows that reporting type does not match the excel template by checking the sheetName(_1600) of the file.

    sample error

  4. If there are no errors, proceed with inputing Non-Creditable Input VAT if any, then click "Continue" to proceed or "Abort" to cancel.

    non creditable input vat

  5. If you continue, generated dat file will be ready for download. Double check all the balances to ensure file converted matches the excel file template. Depends on your settings, usually downloaded files were saved on your Downloads folder.
    bir dat file

Validate DAT File

  1. Before sending to, all DAT Files must be validated first. Open BIR RELIEF Validation Module Version 2.2. Ensure that TIN, Reporting Month and Reporting Type matches your DAT File.

    relief validation module
  2. Click "Validate File" to browse the downloaded DAT File. In this example the downloaded dat file is in the Downloads folder.

    validate file

  3. After selecting the downloaded file, click "Validate" to generate the report. Select the folder where you want to save the validation report then click "Select".

    validation report
  4. Validation Successful, you're ready to submit thru esubmission or attach to EFPS

    validation successful

    no error found

  5. For EFPS users, please take note of the location of the file. The validation module is appending a serial number at the end of the DAT file.

    efps submission
  6. For non-EFPS users, get your file from Downloads Folder.