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Step 1Download BIR Form Excel FormatStep 2

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  • First step is to download BIR Form Excel Format, list of supported forms are; BIR Form 2307, RELIEF, Alphalist, QAP, MAP, SAWT and SRS (Semestral List of Regular Suppliers). Click Here to View Tutorial
  • After downloading the excel file format, please take time to analyze the sample data in the file. The sample data will give you a good idea on what your file should look like.
  • For example TIN 000-456-789-0001, the first 9 digit is the TIN while the last is branch code. In the template, you should put 000456789 in the TIN column, without the hyphens, spaces or any other characters, while 0001, or simply 1 should be put in column branch code. Checkout Bonus File to learn more about formatting of TIN numbers.
  • All numbers should be in the Number format, NOT General or Text or Accounting.
  • Decimal numbers should be in the Number format with 2 decimal places. Not because you're seeing it as 2 decimals in excel view, it means it's already in the right format. Increase the decimal view to see it correctly, and use ROUND formula to remove extra decimals.
  • Negative value is acceptable. To encode negative value, use a negative symbol in front of the number, for example -12500. Do NOT use parenthesis ().
  • The header of the excel file, row 1, is fixed. Do NOT edit or insert any new column.
  • The system will always read the sheet 1 of the file with the specific sheetName. Do NOT edit the sheetName or insert new sheet in front of it.
  • For best result, only edit the row 2 onwards, and leave everything else as is. You can always download a new BIR Form EXCEL Format in case you mess it up. Trial and Error approach will also help if you want to experiment on the format.

Step 2BIR Header File Information (Owner's Info)Step 3

Tax ID and Other Details

Company Name

Registered Address

BIR Form Printing Settings

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  • Before you can proceed on printing BIR Form, you need to set a basic printing option. Everything is optional except for the paper size. You can just click the save button leaving everything else blank and you are good to go.
  • As mentioned, you have the option to provide the signatory name, his/her TIN and position or title.
  • If you want to upload image signature, please use transparent PNG file, with approximate width of 150 pixels. Image signature is disable by default. You can enable it by clicking on the provided checkbox.
  • Image signature offset can help you place your signature wherever you please. It is a trial and error approach, where you need set the X and Y axis to adjust it. Once you are done setting the axis, save it and generate a form to see how it goes.

BIR Form Printing Options

Signature Image:
BIR Form 2307 Signature

Step 3Generate BIR DAT File

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  • Once you're done with populating data in the BIR Form Excel Format, as well as BIR Header Information was filled out, its time to convert your excel template to BIR DAT File.
  • All fields are required, Reporting Period is automatically set on previous month, adjust if necessary. Date format is "mm/dd/yyyy".  The date picker will format it for you.
  • Choose the reporting type that you want to generate. Every reporting type has its corresponding excel template. Please ensure that you are using the matching excel file template with the correct reporting type.
  • Keep attention on the error prompts, if any. Take time to understand what it is trying to say then adjust/revise accordingly.
  • Step 4

    Validate the DAT File. Before sending to please validate the generated DAT File using the BIR Validation Module. This is the only way to ensure 100% compliance..

EXCEL Format to BIR DAT File


FORM 2316
FORM 2307
FORM 2306

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  • Printing of BIR Form 2316 had never been easy. There are multiple options to choose from, all with nice PDF Output
  • First Step is to generate dat file for 1604CF. Please head on to the converter page to do so.
  • Second Step, set signature printing options basic printing option
  • Third Step, click Refeshto include newly generated 1604CF DAT Files from the list.
  • Generating BIR Form 2316 has two selections, mulitple names and page range. Select multiple names if you want to print selected employees. Select page range if you want to print by batches.
  • Check out our Facebook Post about common mistakes when preparing the template, It will solve 99% of the error you might encounter.

Generate BIR Form 2316


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**Saving 20 individual forms in to a single zip file will take approximately 1 minute to generate and will have a file size of 9MB.

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  • Printing of BIR Form 2307 had never been easy. There are two options, multiple form or single form. Multiple form uses BIR Form 2307 Excel Template while single form uses an input fields. Both will output a nicely formatted PDF file :-)
  • Using the single form, all fields are required. Vendor TIN and Branch Code is composed of 9 digits TIN and 3 digits branch code. What is branch code? If the company does not have a branch,  branch code will be 000.
  • ATC will show all the possible entry while you type, please select one. Tax rate will be automatically supplied base on the ATC and Tax Amount will also be computed base on the income payment.
  • Using the BIR Form 2307 Excel Template, please take time to analyze the sample data, address field is optional.
  • Before you can proceed on printing BIR Form 2307, you need to set a basic printing option.

Generate Multiple BIR Form 2307

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Generate One BIR Form 2307

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  • Printing of BIR Form 2306 had never been easy. TO get started please download the BIR Form 2306 Excel Template
  • Using the BIR Form 2306 Excel Template, please take time to analyze the sample data, address and nature of payment fields are optional.
  • To print single form, you can use the template and enter only one Payee.
  • Before you can proceed on printing BIR Form 2306, you need to set a basic printing option.

Generate Multiple BIR Form 2306

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  • Never lost your data and settings again, or bring your data anywhere you go.
  • All your data are saved in your browser's cache, ensure to backup it first before performing the clear cache.
  • Browsers automatically clean up less frequently use cache data, for example if you are using bir-excel-uploader on quarterly basis only, chances are, your data and settings were gone the next time you use it. Backup and Restore will make it easy for you.
  • Backup file is an encrypted text file format, do not edit the file or its filename, else restore will fail.

Backup Data and Settings

Restore Data and Settings

Frequently Ask Questions

  1. What is BIR Excel Uploader?

    BIR Excel Uploader is an "offline" web application that will convert excel file template to BIR DAT File format generated by BIR Relief or BIR Alphalist Data Entry Application. In addition, printing of multiple BIR Form 2307 from excel file format is supported as well.

    The term "offline" means you dont need internet connection for the converter to work. After the converter page had been loaded, you can literally remove your network cable and it will still work.

  2. Do you save our data in your server?

    No, we do not. All your data are being save in your browser's cache file. This also means that, if you switch browser, you will have to start it over again. The same with, if you clear your cache, everything will be gone. Backup your data before performing clear cache or if you want to switch desktop or browser.

  3. Do we still need BIR RELIEF Application or ALPHALIST DATA ENTRY Application?

    Yes. These applications also install Validation Module. All generated DAT Files from should be validated first before sending to EFPS users are required to use Validation Module because the module will generate a key and append it to the validated DAT File.

  4. Do you have Job Aid or User's Guide?

    Job aid is incorporated in the page itself, =this.Page.Guide. The converter is intuitive, the user will be prompt for what is needed or what is missing. It is a must that the user have prior experience using the RELIEF or Alphalist Data Entry Application. It has also extensive error prompts to help the user know what went wrong.

    Please see below tutorials to get you started.
    How To Register
    Excel File to BIR Relief DAT File
    Generate Form 2307 | 2306

  5. Is BIR Excel Uploader certified by the BIR itself?

    There is no requirement to be certified. BIR published the technical specifications of the output DAT File, our system strictly follows that specification. The only requirement of the BIR is, all DAT Files should pass their Validation Module.

  6. Do you guarantee that the output DAT Files are fully compliant?

    The users are required to use Validation Module to ensure 100% compliance. Though the system went through rigorous testings and we are confident that it is compliant, still, we do not provide guarantee.


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